Outcrop Silver & Gold Corp. (OCG:TSX.V; OCGSF:OTCQX; MRG1:DB) discovered three new targets returning impressive gold and silver grades at its Santa Ana project, reported Research Capital Corp. analyst Stuart McDougall in an August 23, 2022 research note.



“We think their discovery lends considerable support to our baseline resource expectations,” McDougall commented. “We remain impressed by the pace and extent of the vein discoveries at Santa Ana.”



Outcrop discovered these northeasterly striking targets along the Frias-La Ye trend during its ongoing mapping, trenching, and geochemical sampling program. McDougall noted all three targets feature a series of parallel and subparallel quartz veins, about 3.45 kilometers’ worth in all, available for drill testing.



The analyst also presented some preliminary surface result highlights from each of the three areas.  



The following grades are returned by La Ye:



  • 11.39 g/t Gold and 4.043 g/t Silver: A float sample
  • 13.21 g/t Gold and 462 G/T Silver: Float sample
  • Sample of outcropping quartz vein – 2.1 g/t Gold and 246g/t Silver
  • Sample of sheared wallrock: 5.48 g/t Gold and 2.141 g/t Silver



From Los Mangos, returned grades include:



  • Sample of historic dump material: 1.9 g/t Gold and 9,738g/t Silver
  • Sample of historic dump material: 27.71 g/t Gold and 1.320 g/t Silver
  • Sample of outcropping quartz vein: up to 4.72 g/t Gold and up to 4,545 G/T Silver



Topacio has returned grades including:



  • 29.63 g/t Gold and 83 G/t Silver: Float sample
  • 1,181 g/t silver: outcropping quartz vein sample
  • Up to 622 g/t silver: shear zone samples



Research Capital recommends a Speculative Buy and a CA$0.75 target price for Outcrop. Outcrop is currently trading at CA$0.18 per Share.



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